Collection of Logos
Visible Disparity: AR Experience for Students
Designed for master thesis project at Cal State East Bay
Concept: Project Visible Disparity presents an interactive table-top experience in which participants place different cards on the table to reveal data on economic disparity in the city of Oakland. Learn More
The logo design plays on the idea of two overlapping cards. The words, visible and disparity appear with different typefaces and font weights to emphasize the imbalance and inequality of the situation that the project is built around.
Raha Elderly Care Home
Personal Project for a fictional elderly home care
Concept: In this logo, I merged the icons of a house and a walking stick together. The walking stick is positioned inside the house to imply the idea of elderly people residing in the elderly care home. The color blue represents the welcoming and caring environment that the elderly care home provides.
Anar Persian Cuisine
Personal Project for Anar Persian restaurant in San Francisco
Concept: Anar is a family-owned restaurant in San Francisco that serves Persian food in its cozy and warm location. Anar in Farsi(Persian) means pomegranate. Pomegranate has been a significant metaphor in Persian literature and culture.
To design this logo, I simplified the shape of a pomegranate. The challenge was to design a pomegranate shape that is minimal but still keeps the fruit's realistic features.
Dejavu Security Camera
Personal Project for Dejavu Fictional Company
Concept: The literal translation of the word dejavu in French is "already seen". For this, I decided to play with the idea of repetition of what has been seen before. The word "vu" repeats with a different color on top of the logotype to reflect this idea. 
Tehran Metro
Proposed Project for Tehran Subway
Concept: The Tehran Metro is a rapid transit system serving Tehran, the capital of Iran. Tehran Metro has seven transit lines and more than a hundred stations.
To create the logo for Tehran Metro, I designed a birds-eye-view representation of a map with a typographic approach. The final logotype reads "Tehran Metro" in Farsi. 
Asareh Apparel Brand
Designed for Asareh Clothing Brand
Concept: Asareh Clothing Brand is a small start-up company that designs high-quality apparel for women. Asareh designs are minimal yet chick and unique. Asareh logo aims to reflect the same characteristics.  This logotype reads "Asareh" in Farsi.
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