🤝🏼 Hello! Nice to meet you 
I am a multidisciplinary designer and educator skilled at visual, UX, and interaction design. I design and create products that provide beautiful and meaningful solutions to the users’ problems.
I am passionate about using my knowledge of technology and design to make lives easier and I always welcome a good design challenge! 
🧭 What led me to user experience design
My growing interest in human psychology coupled with my experience in visual design and my strong problem-solving and organizational skills led me to the user experience and interaction design field.
I earned my master's degree in interaction design and continued to educate myself in human-centered design, technology, and design thinking during and after my academic education.
👩🏻‍🏫 What I have been working on
Currently, I am a visual designer at Accenture and work with our subcontracted company, Google. In my current role, I create visual assets such as character designs, infographics, etc.
I also teach the Typography course to undergraduate college students at Cal State East bay. In my typography class, I teach the history, terms, concepts, and best practices of typography.
🧘🏻‍♀️ What feeds me
When I am not designing, I am usually doing yoga, creating art, or reading a good book. (Take a look at my reading list)
I love learning and engaging in new experiences whether it's learning a new language or trying a new yoga pose. Most recently, I have been learning French on Duolingo!
👇 Where to find me
Email: nilookhsh@gmail.com
Twitter: @this.niloo
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