Illustration & Book Design based on Qashqai Poems
BFA Senior Project, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran | Fall 2014 | Technique: Mixed Media
Qashqai is a conglomeration of clans in Iran consisting of mostly Turkic peoples but also Lurs, Kurds and Arabs. The oldest form of poem among Qashqai people is Asanak (آساناک in Farsi). Asanak poems express universal issues such as love, separation, and life.
In my last year as graphic design student at University of Tehran, I got to read and learn about this form of poem and I was amazed by its vivid and romantic language. I decided to create a project based on the poems for my BFA senior project.
Early Illustrations & Getting inspired by Henry Matisse's color pallette 
Studying more about Qashqai culture by drawing from photos of Qashqai tribe taken by MohammadReza Baharnaz
Changing directions towards a visual approach that was more inline with Qashqai culture
Putting different pieces of illustrations together
Transferring illustrations into a digital format to layout the final book design
The Final Book Design
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